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  • PN 80786-920-001 RFlabs PN MC137-RPSMA-MHF-15cm-920 Description Cable assembly, 50 Ohms Reversed Polarization SMA F to MHF(Ipex I) with Magnetic Core, 1.37mm OD
  • PN 80788-104-001 RFlabs PN CBL142-NM-SMAM-1m-8104 Description Cable assembly, 50 Ohms N Male to SMA Male, semi Flexiblecable, 1m. Specially designed for RF Lab a
  • MXHQ87WA3000 RFlabs PN MXHQ87WA3000 Description murata mobile phone manufacture RF test cable,0-11GHz.Measurement Probe for MM8030-2610(The corresponding RF conn
  • 80788-101-001 RFlabs PN PG-10cm-SG-8101 Description RF pigtail, 50 Ohms SMA Femaleto open, semi Flexiblecable, 10cm.Especially usefulfor RF tuning and test. Feat